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Once Bitten Twice Shy

I made an on offer on the coop, which the seller quickly accepted. I was so grateful that there wasn't any back and forth negotiations.  I strongly feel that both the seller and I are getting a good deal. However, having been through this process once before, I remained optimistically cautious. For the past two weeks I have had the coop board application on my desk while every now and again I would thumb through it.  The coop board application is nearly $500 (which is non-refundable) and I wanted to make certain that I got mortgage application approval before submitting the documents and sent off the check. Last year when I was working with HSBC, my mortgage application was denied in underwriting. Today I spoke to my loan officer and he informed me that the underwriter has approved the application. I was beyond elated. On that great news I called my attorney and we hope to meet sometime next week to sign the contract which means I have to continue working on that coop board applic…

Its Got Potential

This week my agent and I went to look at two new coop apartments. The first apartment was a one bedroom in need of a updated kitchen and bathroom and it also lacked storage space. The second apartment was a two bedroom in the same complex with less amount of work and with great potential. I could image myself living there. It had the right amount of space and while it needed some minor work such as staining the kitchen cabinets and the floors (both of which I can probably do myself), there was a recently renovated bathroom and the kitchen offered a nice amount of counter space. And as an added bonus, there is a balcony. Here are some of the pictures I took with my cellphone.

Love The One You're With

There was an open house scheduled today in my ideal neighborhood.  Unfortunately I didn't attend. I wasn't in the mood to look at property that I can't afford. This listing is a one bedroom coop that's been on the market for less than a month, however it was incredible overpriced. I haven't given up on my property search but I'm less eager to buy at this point. The prices around are too high. So in the meantime, I 'm trying to come up for ways to improving the style of my current home, particularly my bedroom. I have been eyeing this Ikea mirror for sometime.  I'm ready to purchase it.