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One thing about me, I’m an eternal optimist. I’m always looking for a positive resolution to any problem. Always looking for the bright side of things. So much so that even after a decidedly chaotic day at work, someone said “I don’t know how you’re holding up with all of this”. I didn’t scream. I didn’t yell. I just get on with things.  And so this week after the coop board rejected my application, I didn’t grimace. I didn’t cry and I didn’t yell. Instead I did what I normally do, I carried on. I was disappointed to say the least, but there was also this overwhelmed since of relief. Almost as if the dark cloud that hung over this coop deal from day one had disappeared.  We went into contact in June. And there were many delays to secure a mortgage commitment and I had to switch lenders. I thought the coop would finally be mine. I was certain of it. I had already begun to decorate in my mind. I had chosen paint colors and patterns and planned parties with my friends and family.  After hearing about the coop decision, I was disappointed. The coop board rejected my application because they were concerned about my student loans, though they added, “we found you to be very likeable”.  As if that was meant to console me. I immediately began the property search again.  The daunting search. This time I’m a lot wiser, I thought. I texted my real estate agent, Adele and she didn’t respond. That was odd. She usually responds within a few hours. Twenty four hours past and I got a text asking me to “keep her in your prayers”. I immediately called her number and spoke to her son, who informed me that Adele was involved in a serious car accident several days earlier and was currently in the ICU. He mentioned that she had bleeding on her brain and was experiencing memory loss. That was a shock. I told him I would keep her in my prayers.  

All of this unfortunate news brought me back to a website that I’ve frequented on and on for the last several months. It was recommended by one of my graduate school professors, Dr. Quinn, who is knowledgeable and involved in astrology.  As I teenager, I dabbled in horoscope and read Sydney Omar cover to cover until my well meaning Aunt told me that the horoscopes where dabbling in the occult. Over the years I read the odd forecast not giving it much thought until now.  Firstly I’m a Leo.  The astrologer, Susan Miller, wrote that “October is not due to be an easy month” and “Stay observant, and don't count your chickens before they hatch. When I first read this I scoffed. But I knew deep down that she had been accurate in the past about other things and I was hoping that this time she was wide of the mark for a change. But as I am learning, she isn’t.

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